Black & White

We went mono for our September 2017 stationery box.

I’ve been wanting to include Leuchtturm1917 products in our boxes for some time and this was the perfect opportunity. As with all their books, the paper is extremely good quality and plays nicely with fountain pens.

An extra pen loop is always useful and if our subscribers attached it to a non-Leuchtturm journal… well, their secret is safe with us!

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Stationary stationery

For many, the noun ‘stationery’ is one of those tricky spelling-bee words, that trips people up when confused with the adjective ‘stationary’.

But where does the word stationery come from? While writing on paper has been around since Ancient Egypt, the term ‘stationery’ can be be traced back to medieval England, when in the 13-14th Century (think around about the time of King John, Henry III, etc) itinerant traders used to gather around towns and cities to sell their wares. Among these assorted traders were those who plied their trade in manuscripts, copying and illustration.

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The August 2017 Retro stationery collection included products from the UK, Holland, France and the USA; we like to bring our customers products from around the world.

Rhodia has a superb reputation for the quality of the paper used in their notebooks and journals, and the Heritage collection is no exception. The fact that it’s a limited edition just makes it all the more special. As it says on their website: “Limited edition notebooks that bring stylish neo-retro patterns to life with an urban and contemporary flair.”

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Space, the final frontier

It’s stationery, Jim, but not as we know it.

What is it about stationery in tins? I first saw these Cavallini pencils in Scriptum, a very fine stationery emporium in Oxford which you really should visit if you get the chance.  For over 25 years Cavallini has been producing the highest quality of gift and stationery products, drawing inspiration from the Cavallini archives.

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Parallel Lines

Stripes and chevrons!

The main event in this collection is a gorgeous A5 notebook from French company Atelier 225 featuring a screen printed chevron patterned cover and 120 sheets of removable plain paper. The cover has a beautiful tactile finish to it… and if you look at it for too long it just might make you feel a bit dizzy!

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Made in Germany

Or “Hergestellt in Deutschland” if you prefer.

I first discovered Bindewerk when I found some of their journals and patterned envelopes in Domestic Science in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. This independent bookbindery in southern Germany produces true artisan products, and it is important to the owners that they are the ones who produce the things they sell, and to remain independent from exports out of the far east. We had a lot of very positive feedback about their journals from our subscribers.

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Stationery connoisseurs know that letterpress printing is the original machine based printing method, but today it forms only a small niche produced by highly skilled artisans. However, for those who are not familiar with it here is brief introduction.

Letterpress traces its roots back to Gutenberg, where machine presses were used to ‘relief print’ or press individual letters made from reusable type blocks onto paper. These fonts were grouped into various typefaces which were distinguished by weight, size, width etc.

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New year, new charity

Last year we raised hundreds of pounds for our chosen charity, National Star. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the staff and students at the National Star College, and collaborating with some of the art students for one of our postcard sets was a highlight of the year.

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Black & Gold stationery collection

December marked the end of our first year of trading, so we wanted to see out 2016 in style. I’d be looking for an excuse to include these beautiful Castelli notebooks in one of our boxes for some time, and came up with the idea of a ‘Black & Gold” theme.

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We’re celebrating our first birthday!


It’s a year since we launched our website and welcomed our very first subscribers! We hardly know where the time has gone but we do know that it’s been a LOT of fun! We want to thank everyone who’s supported us through our first year, particularly our lovely subscribers and suppliers. We’ve met some wonderful people and found lots of beautiful stationery products.

To celebrate, we’re giving away some great stationery in competitions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day this week, so follow us to find out how you can win.

Good luck!