"Dots" stationery subscription box


Our very first subscription box theme back in January 2016 was “Circles, Dots & Spheres” so we decided to (partly) duplicate that for our fifty first collection. This really is a big brand box. We started with two B6 dot grid notebooks, one from Leuchtturm1917, always a favourite brand with our subscribers; they’re a very…

"Gold" stationery subscription box


Gold is the traditional gift for a fiftieth anniversary, so what better theme could there possibly be for our fiftieth stationery subscription box? We’ve featured several Castelli notebooks over the years, and chose one of their “Wabi Sabi” designs for this collection. Wabi Sabi is the Japanese philosophy of accepting imperfections and making the most…

"Planning" stationery subscription box


From a children’s party to world domination, whatever you have planned this collection would keep you organised! We had been thinking about a planning theme for some time when the lovely people at Rhodia sent us an advance copy of their Perpetual Planner. Some things are meant to be…  The stylish Editor’s Memo pad from…

"Escher" stationery subscription box


Our May 2019 stationery collection was inspired by Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972), a Dutch graphic artist who made mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints. A lot of his work, but by no means all of it, was in black and white and he is famous for his optical illusion designs. We reproduced one of his…

Ruby stationery collection, Spotlight Stationery


We chose the theme “Ruby” for our April 2019 box as it marked our 40th box – where did the time go? Castelli have launched several new designs quite recently, including the Harris range. The dark red version was the perfect fit for this box and it has a flexible cover, a first for Castelli.…

Journal startionery collection from Spotlight Stationery


For our March 2019 theme we chose “Journal”, but whether that was a bullet journal, gratitude journal, art journal… we left that up to our subscribers! Legami notebookWith squared paper, numbered pages, an index, yearly goals and more, this journal is perfect for whatever type of journal you keep, or want to start. StalologyStalology products…

Spotlight Stationery "Showcase" collection


When we meet stationery producers and visit trade shows we see many products which we really like but for whatever reason aren’t quite the right fit for any of our box themes. Many are just too good to be left out so we showcased some of them this month.