Corporate gifts

Corporate gift stationery

If you usually send gifts of wine or hampers to your favourite customers at Christmas, we’d like you to consider sending them some beautiful, contemporary stationery instead. This could be anything from a single pen or notebook to a curated collection, beautifully packaged and tailored to suit your taste and budget.

Why stationery?

It’s a novel and unusual gift that will make a great impression
It’s a premium yet affordable product that won’t break the bank
It can be tailored to suit your budget
It can be branded to be consistent with your company image
Unlike other ephemeral gifts, stationery is long-lasting and tactile
It’s gender neutral – everyone loves stationery!

The minimum order quantity is… one! Branding options are available for larger quantities.

We’d be delighted to show you a wide range of products from premium brands such as Castelli and Diplomat and also less well known artisans.

If you’d like to know more please get in touch:
01242 244007
07933 245145

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