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Meet the illustrator – Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker graduated this year and has kindly let us use several of her beautiful illustrations on our postcards. Read on to learn a little more about her.

What first got you interested in illustration as a career?
Even though I have always been crafty, university was the biggest turning point for me, making me realise that I could actually take on illustrating as a career. Projects were given to me that I was able to be free with and push my style further than I had before.

Working with Spotlight Stationery over the past few years has also made me realise how I can apply my illustration work to different products in a commercial sense. Since becoming more aware of this, I have been able to progress towards different industries that I’d like to work in and make my overall illustrations more professional and appealing.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I have always been inspired by animals and nature, whether that be in textiles or children’s books, but as I’ve progressed through university, I have found that my inspiration has come from a wider variety of places as my illustration style has developed and changed.

Initially, I would work with pen and ink to create detailed black and white illustrations, but in 2017 I was given a brief to create five identical products that would be professional enough to sell. This project was a changing point for me experimenting with gouache paint and using a huge amount of colour within my work. Since then, I have been inspired by the everyday vivid colours and patterns I see. It goes to show that you can be inspired simply by your surroundings and it’s always worth trying something new because you just don’t know where it could take you.

Tell us about your process and the tools you use:
I love to be crafty and experiment, making is always at the heart of what I do. Illustrating with paper provides me with such a rewarding 3D element to my work that can be viewed at a variety of angles. The whole process of papercutting fills me with accomplishment as I have the opportunity to work with a variety of colours and textures.

I also love to paint using gouache; the variety of different colours that can be created with this type of paint fills me with curiosity and because of this, I find this medium most successful to illustrate vibrant animals and plants within my work. !

Describe your illustration style in 3 words.
Vibrant, charming and intricate.

What would be your dream commission, and who would it be for?
After creating my own jungle stationery set for a recent project, I would absolutely love to work with Ohh Deer, applying my colourful patterns to their notebooks, greeting cards, planners, etc.

I’d also love to apply my illustrations to children’s clothing and homeware textiles; an example would be Next as I adore the charming patterns included within their design ranges.

What advice would you give to other illustrators and artists?
Definitely take advantage of your social networks, Instagram in particular. Having somewhere to constantly show off your artwork and the progress you are making will make your work a lot more accessible to possible clients.

Most importantly, be confident in yourself and your own work, there will always be someone who will completely fall in love with your style no matter what so don’t feel like you need to change your approach to creating just to fit in.

What’s next for you?
Over the next couple of months, I will be graduating from my Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication and Design. After this, I hope to take what I have learnt from my studies and initiate them into my own briefs and personal projects.

That being said, my main aim for the future is to keep creating work that I love and that I am proud of, I’d like to build up a portfolio that I feel really confident with.

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