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Espionage and the art of letter-writing

On BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning there was an interview with Simon Sebag Montefiore about his latest book, Written in History: Letters that Changed the World, which celebrates the great letters of history. During the discussion the subject of cyber espionage came up, and apparently now state intelligence services are going back to good old-fashioned paper communications to avoid them being hacked or intercepted by their foreign counterparts. That’s right; they’re writing letters!

Simon spoke about the current resurgence in letter-writing, which he suggests has come about, partly, as a result of concerns about agencies and hackers, not to mention social media platforms, harvesting vast amounts of personal data and stealing identities. It was a fascinating discussion and you can hear it here. It starts 1 hour and 23 minutes in.


If you’re paranoid about state-sponsored cyber villains or bedroom-based hackers then what better strategy is there than to commit your most precious data to the not-so humble notebook, or a beautifully written letter?

Rest easy from those cyber-crime nightmares by outfoxing those computer nerds. No amount of super-computer wizardry can filch your ideas if they are concealed upon your person!

Immunity from viruses; protection from phishing attacks; complete resistance to ransomeware, you name it and pen and paper has the cyber criminal flummoxed.

Now admittedly, the techies will point out that your data is at risk if your notebook is pilfered: but, let’s face it, those cyber-felons are far more interested in a shiny laptop than your notebook manuscript (however fine your penmanship!).

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So, safeguard your secrets and indulge your passion for stationery!

Now I’m off to buy my copy of the book…

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