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Learning how to mindful journal with Collins

During May we’ve been collaborating with Collins on their #StayWriteAtHome campaign which is promoting mindful journalling as a benefit to mental wellbeing. We invited their marketing manager, Richard Sloan, wrote a blog post explaining their reasons for the campaign.

Over to Richard:

“This week (18th-24th May) marks Mental Health Awareness Week. And with the current situation causing us to socially distance and self-isolate, the issue of addressing mental health is as important as ever. 

At Collins, we decided last year that mental health and the benefits of mindful journaling for our mental health was going to be a key theme in 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic has only underlined the importance of talking about mental health and for ourselves at Collins, how journaling can help. 

Your diary and journal are so much more than just paper, or just somewhere to write some meeting notes, or where to write down dates of the kids’ dentist appointments or your mother-in-law’s birthday. The blank page in your journal can be your non-judgemental friend, a confidant, a buddy, a casual acquaintance or an honest critic…it can be anything you want it to be in these strange times. 

Our marketing has evolved from just selling notebooks. With our #StayWriteAtHome campaign, we are promoting our stationery products to help keep you organised, on top of your home-schooling, productive in your work from home life and most of all, to get you writing. 

Our series of blogs on the Collins website’s take you through the steps of mindfulness, clearing your mind, heightening your sense, getting to know your body and then writing about it. One such exercise is featured on the leaflet insert and bookmark included in this month’s Spotlight Stationery box. 

Having personally tried the mindfulness techniques, I was pleasantly surprised by what happened when I put pen to paper. Plans and goals, fears and ambitions flowed from within, some of which hadn’t occurred to me in years. 

What were they? Well, that is between me and my Collins journal. “

We’d like to thank Richard for the opportunity to work with Collins, and for the generous discount offered to our subscribers! What’s the code? Ah, you’ll need to subscribe to find out… 🙂

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