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Who would you write to, and why?

We recently held a competition on Twitter to celebrate our collaboration this year with From Me To You, the charity that encourages people to write letters to cancer patients. For a chance to win one of our subscription boxes, we asked people to tell us who they would like to write a letter to, and why.

We were overwhelmed by the number of replies, and by the variety of reasons for writing. There were quite a number of “Santa” one word replies (must try harder folks…) and a lot fell into the  long lost relative and far flung friends categories.

Some of them took us by surprise, some brought a tear to the eye and many were heartfelt. We thought we’d share some of our favourites here.

“I’d like to write a letter to my daughter for her to read when she becomes a teenager. To remind her to stand up for herself, to remain sweet, and to always consider what a current decision could have on her future.”

“This sounds so cheesy but I’d write a letter to myself. I’m my own worse critic and I can be really harsh on myself. I really am working hard to be kinder to myself & reminding myself that I’m only human!”

“I would write a letter to my lovely friend Esther who might see this as a great excuse to buy more stationery!”

“I’d write a letter to myself about 10 years ago! Back when I was too afraid to make the leap I needed to…. telling myself to do it, because it would all work out in the end!”

“I’d like to write a letter to my younger self. I’m 49 now, I’d like to say that the dark times are lessons to set you up for this part of our lives, to keep at it no matter what. It’s not how you start but how you finish.”

“I’d write to my dear friend Emma; I’d thank her for her wisdom and friendship, her grace and humour and her non-stop caring about other people. I think of her so often, but her early passing spurred me into not letting life pass me by!”

“I’d write a letter to my daughter for her to open when she’s 18, telling her how wonderful she is right now and all about her funny little moments – she’s 5!”

“It would be Theresa May to ask her directly how she intends to see the country through Brexit.”

“I’d love to write a letter to my great gran she’s always saying “the art of letter writing Is dead, now in my day it was so lovely to get a hand written letter from a friend non of this silly technology messages.”

“I would write to Sir David Attenborough telling him what an inspirational man he is!”

“To Mark Zuckerberg, telling him that since he founded Facebook, my friends and family have stopped sending those hugely exaggerated Christmas letters and even Birthday cards. They think a Happy Birthday posted on my wall ( or even tweeted here) will suffice. As if!”

“I’d write a letter to my first born son who would have been 14 on Saturday. Id tell him how much I love and still miss him and that never a day goes by when I don’t wish I could see him and that I wish he could meet his brothers and sister.”

“As a retired teacher I have fully embraced modern technology but to keep in touch with ex-colleagues (and pupils) as well as emails and Messenger I think there are special times when nothing beats a handwritten letter. I get a lot of pleasure both writing and receiving them.”

“I have lots of letters from my husband from when we first met but he died Boxing Day 2017 and there is so much I want to tell him,we became grandparents a fortnight ago,would love to write him one last letter,made myself cry, silly fool!”

“I would write a letter to my mum, she only lives 5 minutes down the road and we speak on the phone everyday but nothing beats a good letter, something you can keep, something with meaning to show someone your thinking about them.”

“Myself, to read in a year’s time. We forget so many of the little things, it would be great to look back!”

“I’d like to write to someone whose isolated or lonely – a penpal to share stories with and have a letter to look forward to.”

“I write a lot of letters, the only the ones that I would like to write, but haven’t, are to people who are beyond the reach of the Post Office. I would love to bring my dad up to date on my nieces, they were both at primary school when we lost him.  He would be so proud of them.”

“I would write a letter this Christmas to a Homeless person,  just so they know someone cares about them.”

“I would write a letter to the Minister of State for Disabled People, Sarah Newton, to tell her how the government is making life so difficult for us and ask her to stand up for our rights!”

“My son! Hes 12 now but I’d love to tell not to worry and be himself (something I wasn’t growing up!) So I just want to reassure him he can be himself and no matter what.. not to worry about other opinions!”

“I would write a letter to my “better” self. I’m in recovery of anorexia – and I think a letter would be a good way of expressing how much I want to get well and what life would be like without the illness.”

“I’d write a letter to my Grandchildren, let them see how wonderful it is to receive a hand written letter through the post, something lovely and personal to them. They are growing up in the Digital Age where sadly technology has made personal letter writing virtually obsolete.”

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