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Ciao bella!

Our April 2018 stationery subscription collection was all about Italy, including both premium brands and a less well-known book bindery from Florence.

The A5 journal from Stifflexible, Florence, is a highly original product, combining an innovative cover type with lined, plain AND grid pages, all in the same book. As the name suggests, the cover is both stiff and flexible, making it easy to fan through the pages without any resulting damage to the cover surface. Genius!

Legami, based in Milan, supplied the pocket sized “Paper Lover” notebook and a chunky triangular-barrelled pencil with a four-colour core. Seriously, could there be a more appropriately named notebook for a stationery subscription box?!

Castelli, from Bergamo, are famous for their notebooks and diaries but they also make a good range of pens. No prizes for guessing why we chose the colours shown here!

We’ve sold out of this collection but if you like the look of the Stifflexible journal, you can find a range of their designs, including those shown below, on sale in our other business, Stationery & Art.

Stifflexible notebooks

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