European Cities stationery collection

European Cities

Travel isn’t easy at the moment, what with one thing and another, so for our September 2020 stationery theme we took a virtual tour through some European cities.

The team at The City Works produce beautiful line drawings of city landmarks and prints them on their beautiful journals. We had a mixture of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Rome and Venice.

Pens and pencils are often the most difficult thing to tie into any theme but when there’s a brand called Helix Oxford, as far as this theme is concerned that difficulty disappears!

We all know that Milan is a city in northern Italy, but this Milan brand is a Spanish company… which doesn’t matter as much as the fact that it’s a great little eraser!

Whatever book you’re currently reading, this very colourful bookmark listing some of the London Tube lines will keep your place perfectly.

Greetings card
Victoria Rose Ball is a young British illustrator based in Edinburgh, and we featured one of her illustrations on a postcard just after she graduated in 2016. We’re absolutely delighted that that she’s now one of our suppliers! You can see (and buy!) more of her work on her website.

An outline drawing from the team at The City Works which we invited our subscribers to either colour in and send, or send to be coloured in by the recipient.

As usual, this collection was completed by an exclusive set of four illustrated postcards, and “European Cities” is available from our shop.

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