"Gold" stationery subscription box


Gold is the traditional gift for a fiftieth anniversary, so what better theme could there possibly be for our fiftieth stationery subscription box?

We’ve featured several Castelli notebooks over the years, and chose one of their “Wabi Sabi” designs for this collection. Wabi Sabi is the Japanese philosophy of accepting imperfections and making the most of life, for instance mending broken things with precious metals.

The other notebook is a Neo deco pocket notebook from Clairefontaine. The greetings card from Chase & Wonder has some stunning gold foil embossing and the “Over the Moon” type was just how we felt about getting to our fiftieth box!

The pens are both from Pentel; a gold paint Marker and a gold Dual Metallic gel ink pen which works equally well on both light and dark papers and cards.

The Rico Designs binder clips and another set of exclusive illustrated postcards completed what turned out to be another sell-out collection!

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