Journal startionery collection from Spotlight Stationery


For our March 2019 theme we chose “Journal”, but whether that was a bullet journal, gratitude journal, art journal… we left that up to our subscribers!

Legami notebook
With squared paper, numbered pages, an index, yearly goals and more, this journal is perfect for whatever type of journal you keep, or want to start.

Stalology products are new to the UK and their short sticky notes are perfect as bookmarks. Made of a sturdy film, the wide adhesive area prevents notes from falling off surfaces and being transparent it won’t obscure anything you’ve already written or drawn on the page.

A trio of 0.5 J-Roller RX pens, red, blue and black, for colour co-ordinating your journal entries.

Maste washi tape is so versatile in a journal: mark pages, create borders and stick in ephemera like tickets or postcards.

Mark the things you want to find quickly with this mini highlighter.

Plus a set of postcards featuring the work of talented young illustrators.

We had a lot of fabulous feedback about this collection from our subscribers, and we still have a limited number available in our shop, so why not take a look?

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