Nouveau Deco stationery collection

Nouveau Deco

For our October 2020 collection we were inspired by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco art movements of the early 20th century.

We got the idea for this theme from these A5 and A6 lined notebooks from Clairefontaine’s Neo Deco range, inspired by the decorative trend of the roaring twenties. The ivory paper is very fountain pen-friendly and we’ll always love a notebook with a sewn spine…  

Cressida Bell
A slimline notebook and a graphite pencil featuring Art Nouveau-inspired surface designs by English designer Cressida Bell, great niece of Virginia Woolf. 

Museums & Galleries
Two greetings cards featuring designs by the famous designer and architect Charles Rennie Macintosh, who designed the iconic Glasgow School of Art, which was sadly destroyed by a second fire in recent years, among many other buildings.

A blue iZee click 1mm ballpoint pen and a 0.7 mm turquoise EnerGel gel ink pen. If you haven’t tried the iZee pens yet, they’re well worth a look; very cheep but write beautifully and available in a lovely range of colours.

The fine 0.5 mm tipped DX5 and a very fine brush pen, which is just perfect for modern calligraphy. Give it a try!

As usual the collection included a set of postcards featuring the work of talented young illustrators, and although it has sold pout we have others available to buy as a one-off purchase from our shop.

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