Parallel Lines stationery

Parallel Lines

Stripes and chevrons!

The main event in this collection is a gorgeous A5 notebook from French company Atelier 225 featuring a screen printed chevron patterned cover and 120 sheets of removable plain paper. The cover has a beautiful tactile finish to it… and if you look at it for too long it just might make you feel a bit dizzy!

Many of Stabilo’s pens sport white stripes so they’re a great fit for the theme. We included the Point 88, Pointmax and Pointvisco pens and a Pencil 160.

Cressida Bell is a British designer specialising in textiles and interiors. She is the grand-daughter of Vanessa Bell who was the sister of Virginia Woolf and the bookmark in this set shows her “Indian Stripe” design.

An occasional feature of our stationery boxes is a limited edition print run of our own pocket notebooks. Sometimes we use an illustration from one of our postcards but for this theme… it’s just stripes! Purely by coincidence it turned out that the green and purple colours were perfectly timed for Wimbledon…

As ever there’s a set of four premium postcards featuring the work of some very talented young illustrators. You can find out more about them through the links on the Illustrators page.

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