"Planning" stationery subscription box


From a children’s party to world domination, whatever you have planned this collection would keep you organised!

We had been thinking about a planning theme for some time when the lovely people at Rhodia sent us an advance copy of their Perpetual Planner. Some things are meant to be… 

The stylish Editor’s Memo pad from Stalogy has perforated pages, allowing them to be torn out and used as sticky notes. We really liked the smooth surface which happily takes all kinds of pens and pencils and the sheets can be easily re-positioned.

Who doesn’t love a roll of washi tape? Patterned narrow tape perfect for marking pages, creating borders and sticking in ephemera like tickets or postcards. 

Three pens, five colours! A bold and fine tipped Mildliner highlighter, a pocket-or-purse sized bright Z-Grip, and a multi-coloured pen that reminded me of the ones I had in my school pencil case…

Plus a set of postcards featuring the work of talented young illustrators. This collection sold out completely but we have others available in our website shop.

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