Stationery subscription box - "Three"


Our January 2019 subscription box was all about celebrating our third birthday. The time has flown by, so we must have been enjoying ourselves!

Everything came in threes for this box; three notebooks, three pens, three sizes of sticky notes, 2 x three paper clips… and, er, four postcards.

A pair of A5 notebooks from Writers Bloc. With their sewn binding and very light paper, these were very popular. A few subscribers compared them (favourably) to the famous Tomoe River paper notebooks. A third anniversary Spotlight imprint pocket notebook completed the trio of books.

Six pens for the price of three! The set of Iconic double-ended pens is an item we’ve wanted to send out to our subscribers for some time, so this theme was the perfect opportunity.

Also from Iconic, the wallet of sticky notes is a set of eight different design in three sizes. So that counts, right? Love those robots…

You can never have too many paperclips so we included three little and three large brightly coloured ones, along with another set of our exclusive illustrated postcards. You can find out more about the illustrators we’ve worked with here.

This box sold out completely but we have other previous stationery subscription boxes available in our shop.

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