Spotlight Stationery "The Colour Wheel" collection

The Colour Wheel

Primary colours and all the ones in between.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve painted a colour wheel over the years, so this July 2020 subscription collection certainly brought back happy memories of paint-and-paper based messy fun!

We started with two products from Cavallini. First, a set of three pocket notebooks, each with 96 pages and different page styles, featuring vintage images from the Cavallini Archive. Secondly, graphite pencils wrapped in more archive prints: “La peinture artistique” and “Les couleurs complementaires”. Colour information in your hand as you write or draw!

The pens for this collection are primary colours in ink; red and blue Hi-Techpoints and a yellow G-2, all from Pilot Pens. All you need for some creative doodling in the margins!

A Kikkerland colour wheel of sticky notes, ideal as bookmarks, page tabs, colour co-ordination, journal decoration… and a perfect fit for this collection!

The Pattern Book is another stationery company specialising in vintage images. It was SO difficult to choose which of their greetings cards to include!

As ever, the collection was completed by another set of four exclusive illustrated postcards.

“The Colour Wheel” collection has sold out now but we have other collections available in our shop, so if you like what you see…

Cavallini "Colour Wheel" notebooks and Pilot Hi-Techpoint pens
Trilobe Synoptique greetings card and Pilot pens

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